Attendance in school is vital. If you are not here, you cannot be learning! We take attendance very seriously. We like to promote good attendance in a positive way, but you must be aware that we will also look at other ways to improve your attendance.

School is here to help you, and we can only do that if you are here!

Attendance Star

96% and above

Less than 6 days absence a year – Less than 30 hours of learning lost

Excellent attendance. Your child is giving his/herself the best chance of achieving their full potential at school.

Attendance Star
Attendance Star


10 days absence a year – 50 hours of learning lost

Your child may start to find it difficult to maintain their target levels/grades Pupils who take a 2 week holiday every year can only achieve 95% attendance.

Attendance Star
Attendance Star


13 days absence a year – 70 hours of learning lost

Missing this much time is putting your child in an unfair position when it comes to achieving their potential.

Attendance Star
Attendance Star

90% and below

19 days absence – 95 hours of learning lost

Your child is now classified by the Government as “Persistently Absent”. Missing so much time means it will almost be impossible for your child to learn effectively.
Parents of young people in this group could also face the possibility of legal action being taken by Dudley Council, including the issuing of Penalty Notices and Fines.

Attendance Star

How it works...

  • If your child is absent for any reason, please contact school as soon as you can. Otherwise, office staff will make calls home.
  • Letters are sent to parents/carers regarding absences and dropping attendance percentages.
  • Attendance Officer will chat to pupils regarding absence/lateness.
  • If no contact is made, the Safeguarding Lead and Attendance Officer are informed.
  • Home visits will be made by the Attendance Officer
  • Meetings arranged in school with parents/carers.
  • Traffic light system for attendance percentages.
  • Referrals made to Education Support Service (ESS), which may lead to court appearances and fines.