Art Gallery

08.02.2024 – Year 7 observational study on location at St Jame’s Priory. The students worked outdoors to focus on shape, line and texture.

26.01.2024 – Y8 child. Close up of a section of a still life in the style of cubism. We can’t wait until this piece is finished…

21. 12. 2023 – Y7 have been exploring shape, shape, colour and texture to create self portraits that show an idea about themselves.

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10.11.2023 – Preparatory study exploring tone ready to produce a still life using a limited pallet.

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03.11.2023 – Y8 produced this observations sketch at speed of a person in a pose

artist of the week 3

27.10.2023 – this pupil has been learning to record what they can see with a focus on light and dark. 


20.10.2023 – Observational sketch in preparation for studies around ‘life events’.

13.10.2023 – This is an observational study of an apple and a pepper by KL in class 8AC.