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It has always been my belief that the children in this school will have the same access, experiences and aspirations as any other child in any other school. We are a special school for boys who suffer from a wide range of social and mental health difficulties that make it hard for them to access a mainstream education. This does not mean a second rate education; it means that our children will do their GCSE exams, they will have homework, they will be expected to achieve and we do all we can to make their experience of education as fulfilling and exciting as it can possibly be.

Mr D. Kirk
Mr D Kirk Headteacher Rosewood School

A note from our Head Boy

From the start, the staff at Rosewood School have made me feel welcome and secure, made me believe anything is possible and given me the support and encouragement to achieve my best.

The school motto is ‘Working Together To Achieve More’ and if you follow this and are prepared to work hard there will be lots of opportunities here at Rosewood School.

When I first started at Rosewood School, I was shy and not very confident. However, with the support of the staff my confidence has grown. I can honestly say coming to this school was one of the best things that has happened to me and I am very proud to be Head Boy.

I cannot express how knowledgeable and caring all of the teachers and staff here are, but I can guarantee you that your child will be in the best hands and guided in the right direction to stay motivated and aim for the dreams for their future, even if they doubt themselves. I myself had my doubts through my school years but every time, my teachers were there to always restore my confidence. Without them I don’t know if I would have been able to achieve so much so that I will be forever grateful.

Kind Regards,


Head Boy

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Head Teachers Statement Continued…

Many children who attend Rosewood are suffering from mental health issues that we help them make sense of and make sure they receive the right care and support. We work very closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health services and the staff here are highly skilled and experienced in this field. We offer holistic therapy and other experiences to tease out the difficulties and to help our children cope with what can be a very frightening world.

I think we are a great school full of wonderful people. Everyone I work with is passionate about their job. I would not accept anything less. Education is the single most important aspect of our lives. It is the way to the best future possible for everyone. I believed that in 1989 when I started teaching and I believe it just as much today.

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A safeguarding number is available for parents and carers outside of school hours.

Please  contact our designated safeguarding lead on: 07955 769391