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It has always been my belief that the children in this school will have the same access, experiences and aspirations as any other child in any other school. We are a special school for boys who suffer from a wide range of social and mental health difficulties that make it hard for them to access a mainstream education. This does not mean a second rate education; it means that our children will do their GCSE exams, they will have homework, they will be expected to achieve and we do all we can to make their experience of education as fulfilling and exciting as it can possibly be.

Mr D. Kirk
Mr D Kirk Headteacher Rosewood School

Dear Parents & Carers,

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) SEND Team is  working with the Department for Education (DfE) to improve the way that we work with children and young people with a special education need/disability (SEND). The work that we have done so far shows that we do not get the right outcomes for all of our children and young people with SEND in Dudley. We really want to understand more about your experiences in mainstream education. This will help us understand areas of best practice in the SEND system and areas where we can improve, for both you and your child. We would be grateful if you could spend 15 minutes completing this survey.

Please click on the following link to complete the survey

Dudley SEND Parent and Carer Survey

As some of you may know, Dudley has been participating in the DFE’s Delivering Better Value (DBV) in SEND programme. The programme was commissioned to identify the changes a Local Authority can make to sustainably support children and young people with SEND. The programme is keen to put children and young people at the heart of this approach, and to also understand the experiences of the partners within the SEND system, including yourselves as the parent carers.

For next steps, the information that you provide is going to be used to support the data analysis that has taken place and will be used to create the implementation plan that will be submitted to the DfE at the end of February. If successful, a grant will be awarded so that the Local Authority to implement the plan.

We know that SEND partners need to work together to support children and young people with SEND. Each local partner has valuable insights and experience that we want to listen to and understand. These different perspectives will collectively inform our decisions and shape change in Dudley. They will also help to inform national decisions and best practice for SEND by providing insight to the DfE.   

The survey will close at on 20th January 2023.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Head Teachers Statement...

When I first started here in 1999 the school was for boys who had been excluded from mainstream educational settings for behavioural reasons and we were seen by many as the “naughty boys” school. Thankfully this has changed. We have worked so hard to ensure that people understand that our children deserve the best and their problems are not their fault. 

Our primary aim is to ensure that our children leave school with as many GCSEs as possible. We have consistently achieved excellent pass rates and our progress 8 results are very near those of good mainstream schools. We do not expect second best from the children or the staff. I am determined that our children will leave school with the best chance possible for the future.

The focus on academic results does not mean we forget the child as a whole. We know that many of our children have suffered in their previous schools and may have a negative view of education. This has lead, in some cases, to low self-esteem and low aspirations. We are determined to reverse this and give them the opportunity to love school. We are passionate that being at school is the best time of your life. I want them to look back and think how happy, safe and settled they were here, and then to pass this on to their children. It is a long process but ultimately incredibly rewarding. Many of our parents and carers have also had a challenging view of education. There can be nothing more soul destroying than constant negative telephone calls from school about your child’s behaviour. We work constantly to reassure parents and carers that Rosewood is a new start and every day is a new day. We work with many different partners to ensure all of our children get the very best help that is available.

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Head Teachers Statement Continued…

Many children who attend Rosewood are suffering from mental health issues that we help them make sense of and make sure they receive the right care and support. We work very closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health services and the staff here are highly skilled and experienced in this field. We offer holistic therapy and other experiences to tease out the difficulties and to help our children cope with what can be a very frightening world.

I think we are a great school full of wonderful people. Everyone I work with is passionate about their job. I would not accept anything less. Education is the single most important aspect of our lives. It is the way to the best future possible for everyone. I believed that in 1989 when I started teaching and I believe it just as much today.

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A safeguarding number is available for parents and carers outside of school hours.

Please  contact our designated safeguarding lead on: 07955 769391