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Welcome to the Rosewood School website. I hope that all the information you may need is contained in its pages. If not then please contact us.

I have been at Rosewood for over twenty years and during that time I have witnessed many changes in Education, some for the better, some not so helpful. What I can say is though, is that Rosewood has grown over the years into the great school it is now. We continue to grow and in twenty years’ time after I am long gone, I know that the school will continue to flourish as we have a vision for our future built on a commitment to do the best for all of our children.

Rosewood is and SEMH school for boys from year 5 to year 11. But what does this mean? SEMH provision has changed so much over the years and it is still in the business of rebuilding. All of our pupils have experienced difficulties accessing mainstream education. In the old days it was simply boys who had been excluded from mainstream school for behavioural reasons and we were seen as a behavioural school. Thankfully this has changed. Schools like ours are now far more focused on the social and emotional aspect of the whole child. Many of our children suffer from low self-esteem and due to this are very mistrusting of the educational system. They usually have had a difficult time in school and a very large part of our job is to reinvigorate a child’s natural love of learning. Many of our parents have also had a hard time involving their child’s education and we work constantly to reassure them that Rosewood is a new start and every day is a new day. Many children who attend Rosewood are suffering from mental health issues that we help them make sense of and make sure they receive the right care and support. We work very closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health services and the staff here are highly skilled and experienced in this field.

Like every school in the country, Rosewood offers a full, wide and varied curriculum. I believe that our boys have the right to the same education as any child in any school. By the end of Key Stage 4 our boys will have had the opportunity to study for at least nine GCSE's.

We take safeguarding extremely seriously at Rosewood. Our safeguarding procedures are outstanding and we have very qualified and committed staff who ensure every child’s safety. Many of our children have suffered in the past, we aim to help them overcome their difficulties and look positively to the future.

I cannot promise that we at Rosewood can perform fantastic miracles, but I can promise that no one will work any harder than our staff to make little miracles happen every day.