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Food Studies

Food Studies


Pupil at Rosewood School follow a food program of studies to encourage healthy eating and living. Students learn the preparation skills for a wide range of recipes and understand how to adapt them for different needs. Food nutrition is taught through our theory lessons to give students a greater understanding of how to make sure they know how to make their own diet choices as healthy as possible.

It is also a creative and therapeutic time where practical tasks overtake academic imperatives.

Nutrition, healthy eating, home safety, healthy lifestyles, enjoyment and achievement, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being are all important areas that are addressed through food technology.

We also have an onsite allotment where students learn how food grows and are able to use their produce in some recipes.


Knowledge, Skills and Understanding


For pupils to:-

  • Develop planning and communicating ideas including; identify relevant sources of information.
  • Respond to design briefs.


  • Consider issues that that influence their planning suggest plans for designing and making.
  • Prioritise actions and reconcile decisions as projects develop.


  • Work with tools, equipment, materials and components to produce quality products including;
  • to select and use tools, equipment and processes
  • to take account of working characteristics and properties of materials.


  • Evaluating processes and products including;
  • evaluating their ideas and designs as they develop
  • evaluating how well products work
  • identify and use criteria to judge how well other peoples projects work
  • display knowledge and understanding of materials and components including; considering physical and chemical properties and working characteristics of materials