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Accessing Work from Home

Rosewood School Online Lesson Code of Conduct

As part of our remote learning offer, teachers will be presenting live lessons using Microsoft Teams.

All students are expected to adhere to the following rules and expectations to ensure the best possible learning environment throughout all online learning sessions. This is to ensure that we have an “E-Safe” environment that also adheres to GDPR (Data protection) rules.


E-Safety Rules – For Parents/Carers and Pupils

  • Do not at any point take a picture/record the screen.
  • You will be invited to each lesson so will not need a team code.
  • Parents- if you have a question for the teacher, please contact them via their year group email. Working hours are 8.30am – 3.30pm. 


Before the Lesson

  • Never enter, or attempt to enter, a Team lesson using the name of another student or staff member.
  • You will need to accept the invitation sent to you via e-mail to confirm who you are. 
  • Arrive on time for the lesson.
  • Mute your microphone unless you are asked to turn it on.
  • If you arrive to the lesson before the teacher you will be placed in a waiting room, in this time you will not be able to communicate with others.


During the Lesson

  • At the beginning of the lesson the behaviour expectations will be discussed.
  • We ask a parent or guardian be present or close by, where feasible.
  • We request that during lessons the pupil’s camera remains on and the microphone off, if the pupil wants to ask a question we ask they raise their hand.
  • Please blur your background when on virtual lessons.
  • All online lessons will have two members of staff present to monitor progress and behaviour.   
  • Try to find a place where there will be limited interruptions
  • This may be a virtual classroom, but all the normal classroom rules apply.
  • Any behaviour that breaches our normal Behaviour Policy may result in the child being removed from the lesson. This will be followed up using our Behaviour Policy.
  • Show respect for everyone in the online classroom
  • Parents/carers can listen in on lessons and support their child but we ask that you don’t interrupt lessons or speak for your child.


After the Lesson

  • The work you complete virtually will usually be a continuation of the lesson taught in school, there may be on occasion follow up tasks placed on line or e-mailed to you but generally follow up tasks will take place in school.

We look forward to seeing you virtually over the next few weeks. 


We know that this is a new way of working and anticipate there may be a few teething problems as we begin to use this.  Please be patient with us as we try to support learning in a new way.


A register will be kept for attendance purposes of virtual lessons. Rewards / points will be awarded for attendance, participation, positive behaviour and good work.


If you experience any problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the year group email or by phoning school.




David Kirk     

Additional Online Curriculum Activities

Please use the link below to access all of the off-site curriculum work that has been set for our pupils. There are also useful links to additional extra curricular activities, and a large focus on mind-fullness and well-being. If you are experiencing any difficulty accessing the work online, please contact the school direct on 01384 816800 and ask for Mrs Amie Cooper.


Any child that does not have access to a device / internet at home will be provided with a paper copy of the work set.