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Situated in Coseley, Rosewood School caters for pupils aged between eleven and sixteen. The pupils are at Rosewood for a wide variety of reasons. Many experience social, behavioural and emotional problems which mean they find conventional schooling difficult. At Rosewood we provide small group teaching with an emphasis on socialisation skills designed to help each pupil make progress. We aim to add value to all our pupils no matter what their learning difficulty.

Our school thrives on effective relationships based on mutual respect and our prime aim is to offer our pupils the chance of success through education. We hope that by building trust and offering a curriculum rich in experiences, alongside emotional support and stability, our lads have a strong chance of achieving their potential and making a success of their future.

We have a skilled staff who work together to provide the requirements of Key Stage 3 and 4. Pupils are taught in class groups according to need. None of the classes exceed eight pupils.

Where necessary, individual tuition on a one to one basis is also offered. Classes are taught by teachers with specialised teaching assistant support. Pupils are encouraged to enter for GCSE examination where appropriate.

An Educational Psychologist visits weekly to support pupil’s needs. The school also meets regularly with Social services and many other outside agencies including CAMHS, Connections, Speech and Language Therapists, Learning Support.

Pupils have access to a large playing field, hall and fully equipped rooms for Science, ICT, Food Technology, and DT. Through excellent community links pupils have also enjoyed Judo and weight training activities at local venues.

Every year pupils are offered a residential visit. This type of activity helps to develop the social skills, necessary for any child. We maintain close links with other secondary schools not only founded on curriculum issues, but also to share expertise and encourage inclusion through inter-school activities.

In October 2013 Ofsted described Rosewood as a good school. This accolade was achieved through hard work and an understanding of the needs of our pupils.

Mr D. Kirk

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